Epic ‘winter’ Challenge – English

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 Vlag Nederland 

The latest trend in business trips, with a touch of teamwork.

We discovered a way to combine fun and improve your company’s teamwork. You will be guided throughout the city while doing all sorts of funny and hilarious assignments, all with a winter theme.

Every event will have their own experienced Gamemaster which will make your event completely flawless.

hair-316515_1280Kerst winter leukedagweg ipaduitjes

Programm >

Imagine: Thirty colleagues from a big telephone company, divided into 5 teams. walking the spectacular surroundings of the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam, just behind the red light District

Suddenly Carla, department of Sales, shout out: “We are fourth….this can’t be! We have to sabotage team number one”.

On the screen of the iPad shows the real time score, it’s true! Jack, PR-department, is a fanatic guy, het wants to win. “Team one is almost at an assignment, lets send them a sabotage trick!” Lets do our video assignment after sabotages, maybe we can catch up if we make an awesome movie and send it to the Gamemaster.

Carla and Jack are in team two, the Wooden shoes, while playing the most EPIC game ever:

The Epic iPad Winter Challenge – Amsterdam

This winter crazy race throughout the city is exciting from the start to finish, where the Gamemaster will show al made video’s and photo’s on a big screen.

After the teams are made, the Gamemaster will explain the game to the participants. They have to decide their strategy. Video assingments with a larger reward or quickly to answer questions, or will they discuss a great route with all sorts of different points! During the game each team will visit a Amsterdam Pub for a warm drink.

Extra information >>

Number of participants 16 – 360 pax
Price Starting at €32,50 p.p. (excl tax)
Total time of event 2,5 – 3 hours
Extra’s Loan iPad for every team.

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