This day will be one to remember…….
Vlag Nederland

It all started as any regular day. One thought this would be a normal business meeting with afterwards some boring talk from a city guide about the walking tour they had planned to do…

However, it all changed when a few guys with forage caps stormed into the room with a video massage!! While running inside and screaming that everybody need to be quiet and listen. Everyone was shocked! The video shows their boss/ colleague, al tied up…..

He/ she brings across a shocking message. The kidnappers are demoanding a ransom for his/ her realease!!



Programm >>

During this interactive teambuilding program the participants will be ‘kindly requested’ to collect ransom money. The ransom can only be collected by working together, commitment, creativity and stress resistant of the workers.. They will be tested with all sorts of assignments, from easy trading to hard negotiations!

The contestants will be divided into smaller teams and will receive an iPad, which will show them a route and guides them throughout the day. The teams can also send text messages tot the kidnappers and to each other.

The demanded ransom can be earned by achieving all sorts of different assignments, from answering questions to making a video reconstruction ofthe kidnapping and everything in between!

You don´t have to know anything about the iPad in general since the system is so easy, even a small child could manage the application! And of course every team will get detailed infomation of the usage!

Furthermore you can check out the scores of other teams since the assignments will be judged by our experienced GAMEMASTER. But don´t forget to open the wizards hat, which gives you various options to sabotage the other teams.

`Quickly, because time is running out and you have 2,5 houres to collect as much Euro´s, Dollars and Gold bars as possible. Is your team the best in solving scripted codes, negotiating with the suspects and making awesome photo´s and video’s ?

How much can your team collect before the timer runs out?

At the end of the day, when all teams gather around with a drink, the team with the best score will be the one to buy their colleague back from the kidnappers and will even get a prize doing so!

After this remarkable day, you will receive all photo’s, video’s and other media as soon as possible. Gather all your colleagues around one more time to view all this hilarious mement again, you will have a great time doning so!


Extra information >>

  Number of participants 24 – 360 pax
  Price Starting at €32,50 p.p. (excl tax)
  Total time of event 3 hours
  Extra’s Loan iPad for every team.

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